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ricordo beppe colla

In memory of Beppe

14 June 2022
At the Teatro Sociale of Alba, the Municipal Authority of Alba and Fondazioni Radici present:
The Patriarch of wine, Beppe Colla

The “Per Aspera ad Astra” project, conceived by Alba - UNESCO Creative City of gastronomy, in collaboration with Fondazione Radici, aims to celebrate Alba’s patriarchs of creative gastronomy, the men who made this area great. Within the scope of the project, an evening was dedicated to winemaker Beppe Colla, one of great innovators in the sector in Alba, who died in 2019.
A man who loved his land with a passion, promoter of single-grape vinification and initiator of the creation of the DOC and DOCG classifications, Beppe Colla contributed to the preparation of the production regulations, bringing the cru concept to his wines well ahead of his time. With his friend, pharmacist and gastronome Luciano Degiacomi, he was among the founders of the Order of Knights of the Truffle and Wines of Alba, of which he became Gran Maestro upon Luciano’s death, and he was also Chairman of the Consortium of Barolo and Barbaresco during the difficult years in which the methanol scandal played out.
He was remembered during the evening with recollections by family and friends and a screening of a video that we suggest you watch and enjoy.

Federica, Tino and Pietro