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High quality in all aspects of wine growing

Protecting the health of the vineyard, the health of those who tend it and the health of those who will drink its wine.

Before organic and dynamic farming became fashionable, we pondered the crucial issue of safeguarding nature and the environment in which we live, which gives us our livelihood and which is our only wealth.

There was no PR or commercial motive: our aim was to make the smallest impact on the environment and the purest possible wine. Since 1995 we have taken part in the Piedmont region's agricultural environmental programme, modified with a more restrictive internal protocol governing integrated management and environmental sustainability.

Fertiliser: limited and occasional, mainly organic, using worm compost produced by a small and entirely reliable firm. Only if plants are suffering from particular deficiencies do we use chemical fertilisers for organic farming.

Weed control: this is achieved by mechanical methods except in rainy years, in steeper vineyards with older and more irregularly shaped stocks (when we cannot use mechanical methods, which would in any case cause air pollution and soil compaction.)

Green cover and green harvesting: all the work done with green cover is manual so as to balance and limit production and to facilitate aeration, thus curbing the formation of moulds that could damage the health of the grapes.