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VSQ Spumante Millesimato Classic Method
Blanc de Noirs

The inspiration for this Spumante sparkling wine came from grandfather Pietro (father of Beppe and Tino and grandfather of Federica and Pietro) who, with his typical professionalism, calm and balance, passed on his passion for wine to his children.

Born in 1894, he picked up the difficult art of bottle fermentation from someone who had been sent to France to learn it. He then worked all his life on sparkling wines produced according to the champénoise method, in the major wineries of the time.

In retirement, he continued winemaking as a hobby until the 1970s, producing limited quantities of Pinot Spumante Brut, Rosé di Nebbiolo Spumante Secco and Asti Spumante Champenois.
With this wealth of family experience and direct access to the raw material, it was an easy step from the idea to the realisation of not just any old wine, but a sparkling wine in memory of grandfather Pietro.

Cuvée :  90% Pinot Noir and 10% Nebbiolo

Technical notes:

Fermentation and ageing in the bottle for at least 2 years before disgorging and refilling with the same wine without the addition of liqueur d'expédition.


Complex bouquet, rich, persistent and very fine with hints of bread crust, white flowers and aromatic herbs.
Dry-dry, vinous taste, a big pleasant and elegant structure, and harmonious thanks to the great body that overlays its acidic edges.

Serving temperature: 8 / 10° C., as an aperitif, but especially for the whole meal