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BONME’ Vino aromatizzato

A rare treat for lovers of sweet and aromatised wines: based on a family recipe, this is a Vermouth made according to original principles from 100% muscatel grape must.  Combines well with a surprising range of foods.

Moscato aromatizzato all’assenzio

In the Piemontese dialect, Bonmé means “absinthe” (Arthemisia absinthium).

A little history

During the Middle Ages, northern Italy featured a wine called vingreco, from the Moscato grape (then called uva greca): very aromatic, sweet, with high alcohol content, enriched with herbal extracts. In the 1700s, this type of product enjoyed widespread success, after the invention, in Turin, of the world-famous Vermouth – which was none other than the historical Moscato wine with the addition of herbal infusions, prevailingly absinthe – just like Poderi Colla’s own Bonmé.

Origins and oenological traditions of the Colla family

The Colla family comes from over 250 years of wine-making history in the heart of the classic Moscato area (Castiglione Tinella, Santo Stefano Belbo), handing on their ancient traditions and recipes from generation to generation.

Rediscovering an ancient recipe

This wine (Bonmé) was initially meant for private consumption; however, it met with such undivided success – was found to be so unique, pleasing and versatile – that the family determined to issue it for the general public, although in limited quantities.

Production method

The Moscato grapes are crushed immediately after harvest, and a quantity of pure alcohol is added to the must in order to delay alcoholic fermentation. In this manner, it is the grapes’ natural sugar content that sweetens Bonmé, maintaining the extraordinary aromatic characteristics of the variety.

The herbal components (rinds, pips, roots, flowers) are separately infused into alcohol for one/two weeks; the approximate dozen extracts thus obtained are tested in various combinations, until the correct dosage and balance are achieved, guaranteeing optimum results. The end product of this painstaking process is left to rest and amalgamate for a few months before bottling.

Serving instructions

Ideal as an apéritif and to finish off a meal, with dry pastries, it is also surprisingly pleasant with strong, piquant cheese such as natural gorgonzola, or herbal-flavored and spice-flavored cheeses. Try it also with dark chocolate cake. Should be served cool, at 7/8° C.