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Poderi Colla

Marriage of great vineyards

1994 was an important date. Tino and his niece Federica merged their properties, adding a new chapter to their family history. This was the birth of Poderi Colla, three major winemaking terroirs, each able to yield great wines of unique character and strong typicity:

Cascine Drago in San Rocco Seno d’Elvio di Alba, Tenuta Roncaglia in Barbaresco and Dardi Le Rose in Bussia di Monforte d’Alba.

To these three symbolic realities of enology of the Langhe at the end of 2016 was added Bricco Bompè, in Madonna di Como of Alba.

CASCINE DRAGO: Located on the hill of Bricco de Drago in San Rocco Seno d'Elvio di Alba, with 12 of the total 25 hectares planted with vines. Until the 2018 harvest this was the place where Poderi Colla's wines were made and aged. Today there is the reception centre for customers and the Degiacomi Museum of pleasant artefacts: an interesting collection of implements for working the land, vineyards and cellars, including 19th century machinery for the production of Spumante Metodo Classico used by grandfather Pietro until the 1970s.

The grapes grown here are Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Pinot Noir and Rhenish Riesling.

Alongside the production of the traditional Dolcetto d'Alba and Nebbiolo d'Alba wines, we find the classic Burgundy-style Campo Romano Pinot Nero and Bricco del Drago, a clear example of how a vineyard's location can give rise to a cru whose unique characteristics differ from those yielded by any other area.
Altitude 330-400 metres, mainly West-facing.

TENUTA RONCAGLIA: Located in Località Roncaglie (which gives it its name) in Barbaresco, traditionally regarded as the best areas for producing Nebbiolo da Barbaresco, it covers a total of 13 hectares, 8 hectares planted with vines.
The name Roncaglia derives from the Latin "Roncaleis" (a former Roman settlement, meaning "steep road.") The vines are grown at Nebbiolo for Barbaresco (cru Roncaglie), Barbera and a small vineyard of Rhin Riesling. Altitude 240-280 meters, mainly South and Southwest facing.

DARDI LE ROSE: This vineyard is located in the Hamlet of Dardi, Bussia Soprana, a neighbourhood of Monforte d'Alba, and covers an area of 8 hectares, with 6 hectares entirely planted with Nebbiolo da Barolo. This area has always been regarded as one of the best for the production of a full-bodied Barolo that ages well.

These vineyards reflect the constant search for quality to which Beppe Colla devoted his life: in 1961 he was the first to include the place-name Bussia on his labels, thus elevating the status of the cru.

Altitude 300-350 meters, South and Southwest facing.

BRICCO BOMPE' : on top of the hill of Madonna di Como, in the municipality of Alba, just in front of the Bricco del Drago. One and a half hectares of Barbera at 400/430 mt of altitude in a panoramic position above the large and modern underground cellar. This place will be the pole for the vinification, aging and bottling of all the wines produced by Poderi Colla.

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